The Pink Panther Strikes Again


OCTOBER 10-13, 2019

By: William Gleason

Based on the Film by: Blake Edwards and Frank Waldman

Directed by: Mitch Dufour

Sponsor: Graham Real Estate & Property Management

The world's most unusual criminologist, Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau—a role originally created by Peter Sellers—fights for his life and for the future of all mankind in the most bizarre and dangerous caper of his brilliantly successful and utterly clumsy career. 

Public sales: 9/26/19

Member sales: 9/19/19



  •  Chief Inspector Jacque Clouseau - Tracy Calloway
  • Dreyfus - Rick Godley
  • Cato - Fletcher Hyacinth
  • Olga - Amara Zabolotniy
  • Dr. Fassbender - Daniel Norred
  • Margot - Alana Hudson
  • Drummond/Desk Clerk - Pamela Killingworth
  • Jarvis/Cairo Fred - Scott Cater
  • Francois/Tournier/German Girl - Hadley Everdeen
  • Dr. Duval/Mr. Shork - Donald Griffin
  • Mrs. Leverlilly/Messenger/Waitress - Melanie Lawrence
  • French Lady/Mrs. Bullock - Loren Stewart
  • Mrs. Stutterstutt - Tara Haskins
  • Hindu Harry/Inmate/French Man - Steve Harrel
  • Waiter/Mafia Type - Eissa Everdeen
  • Chuck/Desk Clerk - Monique Mapes
  • Emcee/Mrs. Japonica/Orderly- Soren Lester
  • TV Technician/Orderly - Sara Feduccia
  • Assassins - Scott Cater, Eissa Everdeen, Donald Griffin, Steve Harrell, Tara Haskins, Brendon Nestrad, Daniel Norred, Loren Stewart
  • Extras - Sara Feduccia, Donald Griffin,Tara Haskins, Pamela Killingworth, Mike Williams
  • Pink Panthers - Amada Croxton, Chloe DeMattos, Rayne Ely, Cass Everdeen, Mia Graham, Zoe Graham, Courtney Wilson

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