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We believe that live theater can be an enhancement to all individuals, and is an essential part of any thriving community. 

We seek to involve the local community in all aspects of theater production and to provide accessibility to audiences in Ruston, and its surrounding communities. We believe that live theater lifts the spirit and provides a social and educational outlet for our community. We collaborate with artists and theatrical organizations in an effort to facilitate mutual support, recognition, and the exchanging of ideas. 

We work to encourage a thriving community of artists and appreciation of theater within Ruston and surrounding areas. We facilitate workshops, performances, and exhibits in an effort to enrich the lives of all citizens of Ruston. The Ruston Community Theatre strives to unleash the artistic potential of every community member. 

Ruston Community Theatre, believing that live theater can be an enhancement to all individuals, seeks to involve the local community in producing and providing accessibility to audiences in Ruston, Louisiana, and its surrounding communities.

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Ruston Community Theater was formed December 19, 1977 by a group of local citizens who loved theater and wanted to create an opportunity for the people of Ruston to direct, act, and attend local community productions. The names of the incorporators were; Mrs. Helen M. Thompson, Ms. Gladys Moore and Ms. Jane Sheppard. 


Charter members; Jeanelle Alexander, Bruce Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Campbell, Jr., Mr & Mrs. Gregory Chapman, Mr. & Mrs. Larry Jarrell, Sidney Landman, Mr. & Mrs. John Leich, Mrs. Gladys Moore, Mrs. Helen Moncrief, Ms. Ann Noble, Mr. & Mrs. Joe G. Sheppard, Mr. & Mrs. David Tucker, Dr. & Mrs. W.Y. Thompson, Ms. Carolyn Young, Bendel L. Tarleton, Ms. Beverly M. Davis, Dr. Reba K. Neel, Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Rives, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Faulkner, Dr. & Mrs. Frank N. Edens, Dr. & Mrs. John D. Winters, Dr. & Mrs. Allen Williams, Mr. & Mrs. William D. Jones, Mr. Rick Frederick, Mr. James Amerson, Mrs. Claire Brown, Dr. & Mrs. Floyd Langford, Dr. & Mrs. S. David Buice, Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Gilbert, Ms. Kathryn D. Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Guy D. Leake, Jr., Ms. Winona Painter, Mr. Jack Painter, Dr. & Mrs. Dan Day, Mr. John Day, Mr. Douglas Day, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Williams, Mrs. Kay Terry, Ms. Sheri K. Crump, Ms. Virginia Kavanaugh, Mr. & Mrs. Don Beasley and Mr. & Mrs. John W. Perritt.


Without a facility the group preformed in various places around the city of Ruston. There was a need for this type of entertainment, and RCT continued to grow over the years. With the renovations of the Dixie Theater, RCT found its permanent home. 


When the Dixie Center for the Arts opened its doors in 2006, RCT moved in as a priority partner. Four plays are presented each season. RCT is governed by a board of directors elected by season membership. 

Call (318) 255-1450 Fax (318) 255-1425 Ruston Community Theatre P.O. Box 456  Ruston, LA 71273

RCT Announces Auditions for To Kill A Mockingbird
By Hilary Hileman

Ruston Community Theatre’s next production is To Kill A Mockingbird, adapted as a play by Christopher Sergel from Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird. The town of Monroeville, Alabama, author Harper Lee’s hometown, traditionally performs the play annually in the courthouse square. To Kill A Mockingbird will open March 5th at The Dixie Center for the Arts in Ruston, is sponsored by The Law Offices of Woodard and Clement and will be directed by Nancy Wallace. The auditions will be at The Dixie Center for the Arts in Ruston on Saturday Dec 6th. Adults will audition at 10am and children at 11am. For those who cannot attend the Saturday audition there is an also an audition on Monday, Dec 8th at 6pm for adults and children.

Director Nancy Wallace says, “I am excited to be directing the upcoming production. The story takes place during the depression and takes on the subjects of injustice and intolerance in a small Southern town. These issues continue to be a never-ending concern throughout the world. I hope the community will embrace this opportunity to tell this classic story.”

Atticus Finch- (Lead) Male 44-50
Scout Finch- (Lead) Female 6-8
Jem Finch- (Supporting) Male 10-12
Dill Harris- (Supporting) Male 10-13
Calpurnia- (Supporting) Female 50-60
Boo Radley- (Supporting) Male 40-50
Maude Atkinson- (Supporting) Female 40-45
Bob Ewell- (Supporting) Male 40-50
Mayella Ewell- (Supporting) Female 18-22
Tom Robinson- (Supporting) Male 30-40
Judge Taylor- (Minor) Male 60-70
Sheriff Heck Tate- (Minor) Male 40-50
Horace Gilmer- (Minor) Male 40-60
Reverend Sykes- (Minor) Male 55-65
Walter Cunningham- (Minor) Male 40-50
Mrs. Dubose- (Cameo) Female 70-80
Stephanie Crawford- (Cameo) Female 60-70
Nathan Radley- (Cameo) Male 45-55

There are also many other available unspeaking jury member and townspeople roles for the courtroom scene. Those auditioning should expect do a cold reading from the script.

The dates for To Kill A Mockingbird are March 5th, 6th and 7th at 7:00 p.m. and a March 8th matinee at 2:00 p.m. at The Dixie Center for the Arts in Ruston. Tickets at the door are $12 for adults and $6 for students/children. Visit RCT’s website at, on Facebook at www.facebook/RustonCommunityTheatre, and on Twitter @RustonCoTheatre.

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